Welcome to the home page of the United States of America Netball Association, the only Governing body for netball in the United States which is recognized by (IFNA) The International Federation of Netball Associations and (AFNA), The American Federation of Netball Associations.

    Netball is considered the most popular women’s team sport in the world. Although invented in the United States in 1891, it is considered a “new” sport in its country of origin yet is a high profiled, prime-time TV sport in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It continues its rapid growth in the United States, Africa and Europe, as the strong lobby of Olympic inclusion builds. Netballers around the world are campaigning to see that Netball gets included in the Olympics, as it should be.

    Netball is not just a sport for many... it is a passion. For many women around the world it is empowering, a chance to be active and the opportunity to play a team sport. Worldwide, over 20 million people are playing netball. Many schools throughout the world have Netball as part of physical education curriculum teaching children important skills including ball work, communication and teamwork just to name a few.

    Netball is gaining momentum in the USA. Not too long ago the USA was ranked 46th in the world, thanks to an outstanding effort by the USA team (and numerous volunteers and sponsors) at the World Championships in Jamaica, 2003 the USA was ranked 9th in the World. The USA hosted the Under 21 World Youth Championships in 2005 - quite a feature for the USA.

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