Netball Rules, Umpires & Coaches

The Rules of Netball as agreed by the International Netball Federation (INF) can be found in different languages by clicking here. Rules books in English are also available by contacting

For a quick overview of Netball Rules, take a look at this video

There have been some changes to the rules of Netball in 2016 and Netball Australia has done a wonderful job of making some demonstration videos detailing these changes to the rules. It is important that all Netball players, coaches and umpires know and understand these changes. It is advised to purchase a Rules Book to assist you with understanding the changes. If additional clarifications are needed, please e-mail with your questions.


USA Netball umpires are certified in 3 levels. The criteria for each level is noted below

Level 1 Umpire

Level 2 Umpire

Level 3 Umpire

To apply to sit an Umpires Examination in the USA, kindly fill out the application form and return with the applicable fees to USA Netball. Apart from training and certifying our umpires, USA Netball accepts umpires from other countries that have relocated to the USA with the understanding that their certification can be verified. At the end of your certification period, certification can continue in the USA.

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Take our level one umpire exam online

USA Netball now offers the ability to sit the Level 1 Umpire Theory Exam in the comfort of your home for a non-refundable fee of $30US.

If interested, kindly fill out the application form and send back to and await additional instructions to sit the examination and get your results immediately. Pass this exam and start preparing for the practical phase of this level.


Coaches are always looking for new Drills for their team(s). Take a look at some of these and implement them in your sessions. Now even get a better insight into coaching by attending one of our seminars. USA Netball has three (4) levels of coaching. However please note that to acquire any of these each person must be CPR certified within their state in the USA. Please follow this link to fulfill each criterion to acquire a USA Netball Certification as a coach.
For those that are working on getting certified or just looking for some drills for your team(s), here are some helpful drills that coaches can use in their young team practice sessions.
For more advanced players try these drills